A quiz game that aims to raise anyone's knowledge about planets, stars, and the Universe.

the game

A game through which you can actually learn tons of things

One of the key features is that Stargame is crowdsourced. Anyone can feed the game with their questions.
The possibilities are endless.

You can test your knowledge among very diverse questions, divided among several categories.
( planets, life of a star, space programs, NASA, rovers, pop culture, physics, laws, history, etc... )

You can play alone, with friends, or create international parties.


main features

Here is a quick overview of stargame features

  • Solo mode

    • quiz game
  • Friends mode

    • quiz / board game
    • cell synchronization
  • Network mode

    • world game
    • world best scores
  • bonus

    • tablet extension
    • badges / trophies
    • display local events
    • participate to astronomical polls

Join the Slack team

Lot's of Channels about #stars #planets #universe and everthing else!

Information about game development.

stargame slack team


how to help?

Contribute to this videogame

  • 1


    • Create new questions via the form.
  • 2


    • suggest new categories via the contact form and the bests will be selected.
  • 3


    • suggest badges via the contact form and the bests will be selected.
  • 4


    • Once the app will be on both google store and apple store, don't forget to rate the app on social pages.

Spread the word and stay tune.


Currently 503 questions have been validated, and 0 questions are waiting for review

Please contribute to the game by filling in your own questions...

... questions like ...

«From which University Nicolaus Copernicus received his Doctor diploma?»


It's a small step to make a great game, thank you so much for submitting your question.
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